A Content Marketer Pulling Your Prospect Into Your World

Dear Colleague,

  • My name is Christa Coetser. I’m a Content Marketer who will use this space to give you relevant information on how to Pull Your Leads Into Your World.
  • By using the right words and showing understanding your prospects would fall over their feet to get to the solutions to their problems you can provide.

People, who have money to spend, doesn’t want to spend it on unknowns. If you want to give Prospects and Customers a very good reason to take out their money and spend it on what you offer, you need to explain yourself.

I’ve been in the software sales industry and sold the most products and services during the recession years in 2008 for I could give prospects and clients enough information and reasons to buy.

Direct Response Copywriting in the Content Marketing niche is a very effective way to “talk” to your clients to get the needed training, information and insights your Prospect and Customers need to make informed decisions.

  • Did you go through something that you know will help others, but you don’t know how to take the next step?
  • Have you written your story and how you’ve conquered your unique challenges and has an urgent need to get the message across?
  • Do you have a service that is different and need a way to get the message across to a wider audience who can benefit from it?
  • Do you have a program which helped countless people and you know it can help more?

I’m here to listen and create the platform you need to get the word out.


What Makes Me Different?

– I’m not afraid to go into the unknown.

– I can test the results (I’ve got technical know-how to analyse data and make needed adjustments)

– I’m not scared to research an area to boost visibility or responses

– I learn fast and take you with me on what I learn for your benefit

– I talk 5% and listen 95% by means of asking questions

– I’m approachable and grasp meaning fast

– I identify your goal and find a way to get there

– I rarely miss a deadline by means of planning and pacing if the deadline is reasonable


How To Navigate On This Website?

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Yours sincerely

Christa Coetser

PS: I’ll give you the opportunity to talk your heart out and if I’m convinced, you’ll have a driving force behind you that will convince others too.






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